Local History Found Upstairs in Museum

Where can an old Warren lamplighter’s ladder be found?  Or a wooden plow which was used as early as 1775? Have you ever seen an 1858 melodian?  Or a picture of the house which once stood where the Quaboag Regional High School is now? As do many public libraries across Massachusetts, Warren Public Library owns a Museum of local history artifacts. While the Library itself offers various printed materials on the history of Warren, the Library’s Museum offers an additional means of learning about local history.

The Museum of the Warren Public Library was established in 1892 to “Collect art and articles of historic interest and of interest in general to the town and to arrange and prepare a room suitable for keeping and showing said articles.”

Museum cases “for the safekeeping of relics” were purchased in 1896 with donated funds. They were installed on the second floor “Stack Room”, initially called the “Portrait Gallery”, and in the Museum Room, which was once called the “Historical Room” and in 1893 re-named “Library Hall”.

Public interest by residents and local organizations over the years has reinforced the decision that this Museum continue to collect, guard and maintain it’s collection of local history objects, artifacts and documents. 

            The public is invited to learn more about the history of Warren by visiting the Museum when the library is open.